The Reason I Started Writing About Snoopy

I know many of you people have been reading the whole page that explains why I’m doing this blog, multiple times. I am sure that many of you are very well educated also. But yet, you probably don’t understand the inner reason(s) I am doing this. I was born in Detroit and had a very tough upbringing. Mom & Dad were always away from home either at work or taking care of chores. So they had bought me a dog when I was very little. In fact, my memory is so bad, I don’t even remember if it was bought or given to us.

Anyway, that dog was the most horrific living creature. It would constantly bite me (note that I was 6 at the time), ruin the furniture, create a mess (that I had to cleanup every time) and a lot of similar incidents. So my experience was really a negative one starting from that point in my life. Then, at some point probably around the age of 12, when I was walking back from school, I was surrounded by a bunch of stray dogs that attacked me. Because of my young age and lack in height (I’m tall now) the dogs easily knocked me to the ground and starting taking bites at me. Long story short, I had to rush to the hospital to get stitches but also make sure my wounds weren’t infected by the dogs that apparently didn’t have any owner. This was way before laws that prevented this but anyway.

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