Allowing Dogs On Your Limousine Night Out

I have thought many times of the restaurants, travel agencies, public stores that either allow the entrance to pets or do not. There are many brewers that pride themselves for the allowance of dogs and other pets in a very family friendly environment. If you look a little bit more into this, you will see that some restaurant and pubs have special menus for the dogs that are brought along with the company. I am happy to say, that animal activism and animal rights are going in a very nice and smooth direction. There is still a lot of work left for us to do though. I think only a selective type of business models allows the entrance to dogs and other pets. For instance, let’s say you want to go out with your date in a luxury limo to a pet friendly restaurant. Would the limousine operator let the dog in on the black leather seats of the limo? I don’t think so!

It’s funny, because when you think about the growing number of people owning pets and wanting to bring them with them as company, businesses would be smart in beating their competition with the allowance of such special requests. I mean if you can order champagne which may be spilled on the seats) why can’t you bring in a dog or a cat. I very good friend of mine (not one of the cruel ones mentioned here) who is the owner of a limousine company in South Carolina always allows his clients to bring with them any pet they want. I mean if an elephant could fit in a limousine, they would be able to bring it along (this is his site in case you need a ride some day¬†

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Medical Care For Snoopy (Relate To It)

Many times when I think of animals and especially pets, one of the first things that comes to my mind is the medical care and pharmacology attention given to pets and especially dogs. Many people for some reason think that animals don’t need vaccines or don’t really need to take care of that swollen and infected wound the animal has etc. For some reason, and I’ve said this before, we believe that we humans deserve everything in this world, but animals don’t. That is complete rubbish and totally wrong.

I know a very good friend of mine that had a dog he adopted which ended up having leishmania decease (what cancer is to humans) and there was in fact a treatment for it which guaranteed 80% success and 20% failure. The guy wasn’t very wealthy and in fact – the reason the dog was adopted and wasn’t bought – was because he couldn’t really afford it. He would barely raise and take care of its food bills. Anyway, the vet told him of the above percentage success rates and to be honest, my friend wasn’t very happy. As soon as he learned about the price tag on that drug (a few thousand dollars) he immediately denied taking responsibility of a dog that he raised for about 5 years. On the other hand, he couldn’t really just leave it and die in misery. He felt bad anyway he tried to approach this. The only time he wouldn’t feel bad, was if he actually coughed up the cash and gave the dog a far shot to survival. Unfortunately it was his decision only to make, so the dog was in some very bad hands. Jim, didn’t really like the fact that the dog would die in misery of the course of weeks (again: it had similar affects as cancer does to humans.) So he decided to do something very cruel. It is really strong, so if you can’t take it please exist this site immediately. I don’t want you people spamming me about the wrong doings of a friend of mine.

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My Take On Animal Activists

I know that a lot of the things I will be saying in this article, may sound as conflicting opinions. This blog was built to create awareness on the important issue which is “animal lives.” Having said that, the same way it’s important to make sure we aren’t harming animals (like our pets) and are offering them the best lives they can possibly have, we shouldn’t cross over to the other side: which is being overly sensitive about the issue, and going against anyone else who doesn’t agree with us. Yes, animal cruelty should be prosecuted, by let’s say someone is a meat lover and you are a vegan: you really have no right to go and act in a violent way against the meat eater. I mean, if we are preaching to be loving people and all, but then we go and act as animals (and not in a good sense) then we are being hypocritical.

In this article, I would like to talk about my opinion on animal activists and people that make careers out of that. Well…I guess I just said the magic word: “careers.” I mean think about it: if I’m being paid to say something, I can preach to everyone the importance of having plants and trees laying in our living room. I mean pay me enough money, and I will say or do almost anything. So when someone is getting hefty salaries and royalty checks from books and TV shows, I really can’t believe much of the things being said. I mean it’s not original, it’s not authentic. If someone has a regular day job, or is working in some company or whatever, and at the side is trying to create awareness (as I’m doing right now) then that’s fine. But if someone is spending his 9 to 5, on animal activism. I really don’t have much trust in those people. First of all, I don’t believe that those people are capable of delivering better results than the rest of us. When that is the only thing you do all day, and don’t have other perspectives or views in life, you can be a very isolated person in his own meaning and opinion of how the world runs. But if say that person doesn’t spend time with the meat eater to get his point of view and try to approach reality a little bit better, then the animal activist sees a world in which everyone would love to spend their whole lives for animal rights (which is wrong – half of the people don’t even care about animals.) So what I’m saying is, that it’s important to stay in touch with every day life. And how better can you do that, than coming in contact with your colleagues, your boss and other people in general?

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