Allowing Dogs On Your Limousine Night Out

I have thought many times of the restaurants, travel agencies, public stores that either allow the entrance to pets or do not. There are many brewers that pride themselves for the allowance of dogs and other pets in a very family friendly environment. If you look a little bit more into this, you will see that some restaurant and pubs have special menus for the dogs that are brought along with the company. I am happy to say, that animal activism and animal rights are going in a very nice and smooth direction. There is still a lot of work left for us to do though. I think only a selective type of business models allows the entrance to dogs and other pets. For instance, let’s say you want to go out with your date in a luxury limo to a pet friendly restaurant. Would the limousine operator let the dog in on the black leather seats of the limo? I don’t think so!

It’s funny, because when you think about the growing number of people owning pets and wanting to bring them with them as company, businesses would be smart in beating their competition with the allowance of such special requests. I mean if you can order champagne which may be spilled on the seats) why can’t you bring in a dog or a cat. I very good friend of mine (not one of the cruel ones mentioned here) who is the owner of a limousine company in South Carolina always allows his clients to bring with them any pet they want. I mean if an elephant could fit in a limousine, they would be able to bring it along (this is his site in case you need a ride some day

He says that allowing pets get into the back seats of his luxury vehicles, is actually kind of his selling points also when talking with customers on the phone: something in the line of “we are so liberated in terms of who can you bring with you, you could even fit in a pet.” And indeed there have been cases where people wanted to take a walk at a certain part of the city with their pets, but wanted to do that in luxury. I think it is kind of taboo to allow animals in cars. But I really don’t understand what’s the big deal? Why is a dog’s foot any more dirty than your shoe? Why is the dog’s fur anymore infectious than your hair? I mean unless you’ve been letting your dog live in very bad weather conditions and maybe in a barn, it should be in a very good shape. If you need to give it a bath before you take it in your car, do so. You should be given your pets baths anyways. Why are you allowed to take a shower but they aren’t? I really don’t understand the double standard. 

I really do believe, that animal rights will become as important as human rights at some day and age. I probably won’t live to see it. But the same way other people are being discriminated against (like the LGBTG) and people have stood up for them, I believe there will come a time when animal cruelty will come to its end. Depending on where you live in the US you may already see some efforts (especially from philanthropic and environmental institutions) in giving pets a much better quality in their lives.It really is important and I wish the south was a little bit more open to that idea. Well, we know that Columbia, SC is because of my friend’s policy on pets. 

I would love to hear from you all and get your take on this topic being discussed. Don’t be shy and always follow up on new articles.