My Mission

I don’t know why I call it a mission, it’s more of a storytelling thing than anything else. I just want to make sure that people understand the importance of giving: not just to other people but also to other animals. We are so distracted in our lives and other times so focused on our daily routine, that we forget there are many different creatures that may need our help.

This blog is a story about how I saved the life of a dog and took care of it from that point on but most importantly: how that really saved me. I was so obsessed with myself and my well being. I thought I was happy with that, but once I saw the greatness of my kindness in saving Snoopy’s life and offering a quality way of life, that was really what filled my soul and still fills me today. Since then, I have developed a very special life with Snoopy. Our dog stays near our home (my wife and 2 kids) and we treat it like family. The only thing lacking is a spot we could of given him at the lunch table. But of course we want to make sure we keep a healthy distance so that we don’t have any medical issues.

My hope is, that with this site you will be able to feel the love all around you and grasp on to it. It’s really important to give back to people or even animals that need your help. The same way someone perhaps helped you in your beginnings.

Hopefully this will be an inspiration for you all. Make sure you look for articles daily.