Why Animals Matter Too

There has been a lot said about the movement of black lives matter, and other similar movements which support maybe the rights of women, couples etc. Even though there are some many decent animal friendly organizations and activists, I just feel that there is only an emphasis given on humans. As if we, selfishly live alone on this planet and don’t need to worry and take care of the other living species that are also helping us grow. Frankly, even people that eat meat sickens me, but let’s just discuss the benefits of animals in our lives.

First of all – for everyone that eats meat – they are your main source of food. As humans we have been hunting animals since the very beginning of time. We have been cruel to them, not just for the food needs but many times for amusement purposes. How many times do we read articles of companies dragging raccoons around (alive) and peal them off their┬áskin to make furry scarfs and clothing? That isn’t just disgusting, it’s also a criminal act. If we were human beings that had the decency of justice, those people and companies should have gone to jail and gone bankrupt. But you are equally as guilty. If you don’t buy their product, they will go out of business anyway. So when you keep on participating in activist events against animal cruelty, look in the mirror real fast. You will see that monster you think those businesses and business owners are.

But it doesn’t have to only do with mistreatment of animals. You don’t need to be abusive towards an animal to not respect their existence and importance of living healthy and good life. Would you be happy, as a human to be treated like crap even though people weren’t abusive towards you? I mean sure, they will feed you, maybe pet you on the head, but never spend time with you when you need them, never stand next to you when you are ill etc. So I invite you all to give the above thought, some attention. Animals are the main way this world goes around. We think that politics and leaders rule this world, but in reality the animal kingdom does. And because it does, we should be respectful towards all the living beings in it (along with other humans of course.)

It’s not something that is debatable or even optional. Frankly, I am amazed more strict laws haven’t been applied against the abusive and bad behavior of humans on other animals. We should be as strict as we are when a felony is done against another human. It should maybe carry even more weight: because when you attack some fellow human, ┬áhe has the opportunity to fight back (some times.) But when you go against an animal (especially if it’s small) you are really in an unfair disadvantage. And that is not right at all. I don’t mean to preach to you people but rather help you understand how far off we are from the right path.

How does this tie into my story and reason of this blog’s existence? I too used to not care about other living beings. Humans but also animals. Until I came across this hurt little dog as seen in the picture below, which was laying at the side of the road on its own in the cold rain. I stopped the car and got that dog to shelter and basically helped raise it. Because of that experience, my eyes really opened in terms of our dear responsibilities towards animals. I love it when I see veterinary professionals that have named their business as animal hospital. We really need to bring animals closer to us and keep them in a much safer environment. We are destroying everything around us, without really caring about the consequences. And make no mistake, we will pay for these mistakes. One way or another, there will be a price we will all need to pay. Mark my words!

That’s enough preaching for one article. I will try and be more calm in the upcoming ones. No promises, but I am just tying to help you all get sensitive about these crucial issues.

Bye now!