Medical Care For Snoopy (Relate To It)

Many times when I think of animals and especially pets, one of the first things that comes to my mind is the medical care and pharmacology attention given to pets and especially dogs. Many people for some reason think that animals don’t need vaccines or don’t really need to take care of that swollen and infected wound the animal has etc. For some reason, and I’ve said this before, we believe that we humans deserve everything in this world, but animals don’t. That is complete rubbish and totally wrong.

I know a very good friend of mine that had a dog he adopted which ended up having leishmania decease (what cancer is to humans) and there was in fact a treatment for it which guaranteed 80% success and 20% failure. The guy wasn’t very wealthy and in fact – the reason the dog was adopted and wasn’t bought – was because he couldn’t really afford it. He would barely raise and take care of its food bills. Anyway, the vet told him of the above percentage success rates and to be honest, my friend wasn’t very happy. As soon as he learned about the price tag on that drug (a few thousand dollars) he immediately denied taking responsibility of a dog that he raised for about 5 years. On the other hand, he couldn’t really just leave it and die in misery. He felt bad anyway he tried to approach this. The only time he wouldn’t feel bad, was if he actually coughed up the cash and gave the dog a far shot to survival. Unfortunately it was his decision only to make, so the dog was in some very bad hands. Jim, didn’t really like the fact that the dog would die in misery of the course of weeks (again: it had similar affects as cancer does to humans.) So he decided to do something very cruel. It is really strong, so if you can’t take it please exist this site immediately. I don’t want you people spamming me about the wrong doings of a friend of mine.

So the decision he made was one that most of you have on your minds right now: take the dog out of its misery. He used to be a hunter and used to actually take that dog out on the hunts. So he drove to an empty field far away from the city, putting the dog at the back seats of the car. He took the dog out, and as the dog was unchained from its color (and although the dog was in a mood to play around and have a good time,) Jim took out his twelve gauge shotgun and blasted the animal to the ground. He actually missed the first time and got him at the lower end of the dog’s body. So he take a final second shot to the head of the dog. I feel sick just typing this right now. Jimmy’s logic was: vaccine would cost a few thousand dollars and may have not worked…a shotgun bullet costs about 10 cents.

This people, is animal cruelty at its best. You simply can not make the decision of precious life for another living being: I don’t care if it’s a human or animal. Jim should of reached out to relatives, friends and maybe even some kind of philanthropic organization to seek funds and maybe do a fundraiser to save his dog’s life. He didn’t really care to go into that trouble. He was happy with replacing his old dog, with a newer one that would be all healthy and good. That’s a very sick approach to say the least. I certainly hope there aren’t people in this audience on this site, that have a similar mindset. If you do, get the hell off my site. Sorry for appearing to be a little bit angry…well actually I’m not! Animal cruelty should be punished. The more I think about this, the more I know deep inside that I should of reported Jim for this violent act. I don’t care who that person that committed this was, they should face the consequences of their crimes. It really is a crime.

See you on other articles in which I hope I can bring a more joyful atmosphere to you. Thank you for putting up with this rough post today.